Tuesday, April 5, 2011


LongboardColombia, Loadedboards' exclusive Loadedboard and Orangatang distributor in Colombia, hopes to facilitate community growth through shared experiences in longboard skateboarding.

Map by Grolier

Pablo, Loadeds' international sales guru, says that Loaded looks for international distributors who share and practice its ideology: experience the soulful experience of riding and pass on the stoke through fraternity with other riders.

In South America, Loaded and Orangatang grant one lucky merchant an exclusive franchise to sell its products in the country, Pablo says, to prevent discord among shops and riders, others say, to eliminate competition, keeping prices high.  Bottom line, the boards cost the consumer more in Latin America.  Expensive shipping fees and import customs hike up prices.  Competition might make the enterprise unprofitable.

LongboardColumbia has been showcasing Loadeds' boards and wheels for more than three years now.  More recently, however, the company has started adding to Loadeds' massive collection of skate videos on the Web.

Upload by LongboardColombia

Like a little Loadedboard colony, LongboardColumbia is Loadeds' gateway to trade in Colombia.  It's this type of subsidiary that has made Loadeds' vision a global enterprise.

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